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 Member ranks/designations

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PostSubject: Member ranks/designations   Thu Jun 07, 2007 5:22 am


chief moderator,moderator alpha&beta:

moderator is a special privileged forum member who is assigned to maintain the forum clean,neat and in order. they are allowed to delete,edit the unwanted or abusive posts, lock an unwanted or or misleading topic, move a misplaced post to the correct section,split the post etc.


A beginner is a new member to this forum. The member will be promoted to novice member when he reaches a certain number of posts or completes a specified duration being a member in the forum.

pre junior:

pre junior member is the next high rank of the beginner. pre junior member is promoted to junior member when he reaches a certain number of posts or completes a specified duration as a member in the forum


the next high rank of the novice member. junior member is promoted to pre senior member when he reaches a certain number of posts or when he completes a specified duration as a member in the forum.

pre senior:

the next high rank of the junior member. pre senior member may also be promoted to V.I.P member when he meets a certain number of criteria.


an experienced member of the forum.


user suspended for any misbehavior in the forum.


Room admin:

members with room admin rank are the mig33 room administrators.


members who post most useful and informative topics are supplied with a scholar rank when the user reaches a certain number of useful posts.

V.I.P member:

V.I.P member is a special member of this forum who have contributed a great service to this forum. A user can also own a V.I.P rank by being an active,decent,helping and very friendly member of this forum for a little longer period. The m33m team will observe on each member of this forum and the members will be promoted in the basis of their behaviors and service to this forum. posts of V.I.P members are less likely to be deleted or edited by the moderators in the forum.

author of the week:

one user is selected as the 'author of the week' on each weekends, who authored the best topic of the week.

multi kicker & flooder:

Smile these two ranks will be supplied at members request. ranks are supplied after the management confirmation. These members may be able to represent the multikickers and flooders of mig chat rooms when they need to debate with room admins in the forum.


spys are the assigned members of the forum to spy over users and admins in mig chat rooms and submit reports on corrupted users and admins with proofs and snapshots.

NB: multikicker, flooder, spy ranks are supplied at user's request. pm the administrator. conditions apply.


helpers are m33m officials who will guide you on the forum and mig33 application features. you can ask them questions on forum and mig features in related topics. they will repy you.

representative ranks:

you can pm the administrator for obtaining one of the above rep ranks if you are a recognised member of one of these community. you will be supplied with rep ranks after the confirmation of our corresponding communitiy affiliates.
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Member ranks/designations
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